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Here you will find underwater photos, maps of dive destinations in the Maldives/Red Sea and some fundamental information on underwater photography. Furthermore you find a forum here, where you can get and give each other tricks and tips on the subject of underwater photography.

We have tried to keep the photo files presented here as small as possible and have not included any additional Java Applets, such as Sound or Dia-Shows. Nevertheless, you will need a certain amount of patience when loading the individual headings since these contain Imagemaps with all the underwater photos which are available pertaining to the rubric chosen.

All guests who have no personal Website but are divers and perhaps have some experience in underwater photography are invited to present their photos here (free of charge) on separate guest pages. Several pages are already available. Those of you who would like to make your first steps in trying out underwater photography can count on getting a few tips from us. Interested?? Then, just mail us.

The photos now on exhibition here were all taken during the period 1985-2006 in Maldives and in the Red Sea. Precise descriptions of the shot locations as well as technical info can be found on each photo.

Well, all we need do now is to wish you all lots of fun while you browse through our collection of underwater impressions.

© Joerg Noack / Olaf Michalski

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